Topics covered:

  • Coding Tools (IDEs)
    • Sublime Text
    • Atom
    • WebStorm
    • Visual Studio
  • Browsers and Browser Tools
  • Drawing and Slicing Tools

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Presentation Content

Coding Tools

  • There are many, many coding tools for HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    • They are cross-platform
    • Some of the most used are:
      • Sublime Text 2/3
      • Jetbrains WebStorm
      • Microsoft Visual Studio
      • Eclipse, Aptana, Komodo IDE, Notepad++

Sublime Text

  • Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose
  • Free to use with unlimited trial version
  • Has two versions, currently used
    • Sublime Text 2
      • Stable
      • Less updates
    • Sublime Text 3
      • Regular updates
      • Can crash right-out-of-nowhere
      • Yet, the better choice
  • Sublime Text is a text editor with a little ready-to-use functionality
    • Yet, it is easily customizable
  • A ready-to-use portable version for HTML, CSS and JS development can be downloaded at

  • is “A hackable text editor for the 21st Century”
    • Built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript for development of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    • Small and fast
    • Good set of plugins
    • Open-source
      • free to use and extend
    • From the creators of GitHub

Jetbrains WebStorm

  • Jetbrains WebStorm is a ready-to-use IDE for JavaScript development
    • Including web development with HTML and CSS
  • WebStorm has most of the necessary features for web development
    • Code highlighting
    • Code completion
    • Not that many plugins
  • WebStorm is a paid software
    • Yet, JetBrains offer a discount (100%) for students or start-ups

Microsoft Visual Studio

  • Microsoft Visual Studio is a ready-to-use IDE for web development
    • Built-in
      • Code highlighting
      • Code completion
      • And more
  • Visual Studio Ultimate is a not a free software
    • A free community (or express version) is available for download
  • Install Web Essentials extension

Browsers and Browser Tools

  • Browsers
    • Internet Explorer
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Apple Safari
    • Opera
  • Browser Tools
    • Firebug
    • WebInspector
    • WebDeveloper Toolbar
    • F12 (IE)
    • Inspect
    • Console
    • Bookmarklets

Drawing and Slicing Tools

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Fireworks
  • Gimp
  • Paint.NET