Topics covered:

  • What is Computer Programming?
  • Your First C# Program
  • What is .NET Framework?
  • What is Visual Studio?

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Define: Computer Programming

Computer programming : creating a sequence of instructions to enable the computer to do something

Programming Phases

  • Define a task/problem
  • Plan your solution
    • Find suitable algorithm to solve it
    • Find suitable data structures to use
  • Write code
  • Fix program error (bugs)
  • Make your customer happy
  • Phases
    • Specification
    • Design
    • Implementation
    • Testing & Debugging
    • Deployment

First Look at C#

Sample C# program:

using System;
class HelloCSharp
    static void Main()
        Console.WriteLine("Hello, C#");

What is “C#”?

  • Programming language
    • Asyntax thatallow to give instructions to the computer
  • C# features:
    • New cutting edge language
    • Extremely powerful
    • Easy to learn
    • Easy to read and understand
    • Object-oriented

What You Need to Program?

  • Knowledge of a programming language
    • C#
  • Task to solve
  • Developmentenvironment, compilers, SDK
    • Visual Studio , .NET Framework SDK
  • Set of usefulstandard classes
    • Microsoft .NET Framework FCL
  • Help documentation
    • MSDN Library

What is .NET Framework?

  • Environment for execution of .NETprograms
  • Powerful library of classes
  • Programming model
  • Commonexecution engine formany programming languages
    • C#
    • Visual Basic .NET
    • Managed C++
    • ... and many others

Inside .NET Framework

Building blocks of .NET Framework:

  • Web Forms, MVC, Web API, SignalR
  • WCF and WWF (Communication and Workflow Tier)
  • ADO.NET, EF, LINQ and XML (Data Tier)
  • Base Class Library (BCL)
  • Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  • Operating System (OS)

CLR – The Heart of .NET Framework

  • Common Language Runtime (CLR)
    • Managed execution environment
      • Executes .NET applications
      • Controls the execution process
    • Automatic memory management(garbage collection)
    • Programminglanguagesintegration
    • Multiple versions support for assemblies
    • Integratedtype safetyand security

Framework Class Library

  • Framework Class Library (FCL)
    • Provides basic functionality to developers:
      • Console applications
      • WPF and Silverlight rich-media applications
      • Windows Forms GUI applications
      • Web applications (dynamic Web sites)
      • Web services,communication and workflow
      • Server & desktop applications
      • Applications for mobile devices

Visual Studio

  • Visual Studio – Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Development tool that helps us to:
    • Write code
    • Design user interface
    • Compile code
    • Execute / test / debug applications
    • Browse the help
    • Manage project’s files

Benefits of Visual Studio

  • Single tool for:
    • Writing code in many languages (C#, VB, …)
    • Using different technologies (Web, WPF, …)
    • For different platforms (.NET CF, Silverlight, …)
  • Full integration of most development activities (coding, compiling, testing, debugging, deployment, version control, ...)
  • Very easy to use!

Creating New Console Application

  • File -> New -> Project ...
  • Choose C# console application
  • Choose project directory and name
  • Visual Studio creates some source code for you

Compiling Source Code

  • The process of compiling includes:
    • Syntactic checks
    • Type safety checks
    • Translation of the source code to lower level language (MSIL)
    • Creating of executable files (assemblies)
  • You can start compilation by
    • Using Build->Build Solution/Project
    • Pressing [ F6] or [Shift+Ctrl+B]

Running Programs

  • The process of running application includes:
    • Compiling (if project not compiled)
    • Starting the application
  • You can run application by:
    • Using Debug->Start menu
    • By pressing [F5] or [Ctrl+F5]
  • * NOTE: Not all types of projects are able to be started!

Debugging The Code

  • The process of debugging application includes:
    • Spotting an error
    • Finding the lines of code that cause the error
    • Fixing the code
    • Testing to check if the error is gone and no errors are introduced
  • Iterative and continuous process

Debugging in Visual Studio

  • Visual Studio has built-in debugger
  • It provides:
    • Breakpoints
    • Ability to trace the code execution
    • Ability to inspect variables at runtime

What Is a Blank Solution?

  • A Visual Studio blank solution
    • Solution with no projects in it
      • Projects to be added later
  • What is the point?
    • Not making a project just to give proper name
      • And not working in this project

What is MSDN Library?

  • Complete documentation of all classes and their functionality
    • With descriptions of all methods, properties, events, etc.
    • With code examples
  • Related articles
  • Library of samples
  • Use local copy or the Web version at